Tales from the Field Episode 2: Into the Field with Randa Hazar, Year Two MSW Intern

In this episode of Tales from the Field we will be talking with Randa Hazar, a second year MSW student . Randa will take us on a journey that discusses how good supervision is the ability to develop a sound relationship with a supervisor, and in which a student is continuously learning through interaction, as well as through the supervisor’s modeling. She explains that it is helpful for supervisors to remain in touch with their own experiences as students, as well as to remember what challenges they faced as students and what their relationships with their supervisors were like.

She notes that social work schools should find a more interactive way to monitor if supervisors are providing quality supervision. She feels that supervisors should be given criteria to meet and also check in with faculty periodically about what students are engaged in. She also discusses the importance of how faculty advisors need to be more involved in the process as well as the school’s vetting of supervisors with a certain level of experience and expertise in the field.


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