Preparing the Future Generations

Whether you are new to being a SIFI or you are a veteran in this arena of training student social workers to become the next generation of change agents; your skill and knowledge are invaluable.  Field Instruction is the pedagogy of social work education and your role in the process is of paramount importance.

This is your chance to shape the world of a future social worker and to share knowledge that would not be learned in the classroom. You are the bridge that a student crosses when leaving the classroom and entering the field placement site.  You are charged with assisting that student on learning how to integrate and synthesize the information of practical knowledge and theory and apply it to the field.

Please find below various tools and resources listed in the links that will  support you in your process and purpose of fulfilling your role as a SIFI.

Getting Started

Teaching Skills & Techniques

Example Process Recording Template

Reflection Topics for Student to Discuss or Write On

Other Ways to Spark Conversation in Supervision

You can referring to the following blogs:

Podcasts for SIFIs




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