Tales from the Field Episode 3: Supervision: The Good, the Bad, the Better with M. Morgan and F. Barron

Please join me on this journey of field learning and supervision with Margaret Morgan and Florrie Barron who are both first-year MSW students finishing their first-year placements.  They both talk about their personal experiences of field learning, expectations of supervision and their overall experience of completing their first year of MSW program. Their honesty, humor, and candidness bring a light-hearted and sensitive overview of social work field practicum today.  They both had different experiences some good, some bad, some better and they are here to give feedback, encouragement to incoming students and hope for the future of their second-year field experience.


Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice… Is that what a SIFI is made of?

A Supervisor in Field Instruction, commonly referred to as a SIFI in the social work world, is the person charged with supervising one or more social work student interns during the school year. Continue reading “Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice… Is that what a SIFI is made of?”